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I dropped in at the Hughenden Manor yesterday to collect some masks which we need for our Be a Bee task on the Tuesday of half term.  Cutting the eye holes is proving challenging.  After 6 weeks where all but the parkland and countryside have been closed it is good to share the Manor with visitors and show off the changes wrought whilst the house was closed.

See these other pages for photos of our activities

Create a Crest  Be a Bee   Easter Egg Trail 2014  Various

2014-02-15 16.04.49Two happy ‘Create a Crest’ makers.

As you face the entrance to the house itself, there is a door to your right leading to the grandly titled Rothschild Room and as half term begins it was hosting the ‘Create a Crest’ activity.  Talking to the families it was rewarding to hear their thoughts on the Manor and activities for families.  One family explained they always look for NT locations to break a long journey because there are educational things to do and clean loos and a reliable cafe.  Another highlighted the fact that their offspring have different preferences – one likes the outdoor activities and the other the crafts so NT places often have something for both plus an interesting story for Mum and Dad.

Moira and Create a Crest

Moira and Create a Crest

The Be  a bee trail is my ‘baby’ – I wanted a task that simulated the bees’ search for pollen and nectar and gave a little magic and a little learning so I am delighted that Moira, the new Assistant Visitor Operations Manager has embraced the task so energetically.  We will trial it on 18th February during half term week and if popular will offer it at other times as well.  The original plan was to  make it a ‘geocache trail’ – but we didn’t want to limit it to those families with GPS devices.

Bee masks for 'Be a Bee' activity

Bee masks for ‘Be a Bee’ activity

We hope to make a gallery of childrens’ art work or  activities.  We know they are often so proud they are torn between taking them home and leaving them for others.  If we take photos they can have the best of both worlds.

2014-02-15 17.01.34


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